Winning Photographs

Best in Show:


Big Ben

Photographer: Yusra Siddiqui

British parliament.

London, England

Summer 2010

“Beyond Our Borders”

Americana Category:


1st Place

Vintage Trucks

Photographer: Susan McCormick

Three vintage trucks from the past.

Apison, TN

August 2012


2nd Place

Like Father, Like Son

Photographer: Melissa Cockrell

Father/son military photo.

Cleveland, Tennessee



3rd Place

Jekyll Island/Golden Isles

Photographer: Eva Coleman

Today, Jekyll Island is known as the “Golden Isles” because of the preserved and rich history of plantations.The tranquility of the trees are constantly being eroded away.

Jekyll Island, Georgia

January 23, 2009

Beyond Our Borders Category:


1st Place

Big Ben

Photographer: Yusra Siddiqui

British parliament.

London, England

Summer 2010


2nd Place

Castle on the Rhine River in Germany

Photographer: Robert Abel

Taken while on a cruise of the Rhine River back in 1956 while there in the Army.


May 9, 1956


3rd Place 

Cuban Taxis

Photographer: Susan McCormick

Old American vehicles, now Cuban taxis.

Downtown Havana, Cuba

June 24, 2012

Budding Artists Category:


1st Place

Reflections, Past and Future

Photographer: Andrew Curtis

Age 16

Ground Zero, New York City, NY

December 22, 2012


2nd Place

Playing Hooky 

Photographer: Hannah Pearson

Age 16

Athens, Tennessee

August 8, 2012

JanzenVelba.B&W RR McDonald

3rd Place

Black and White Railroad in McDonald, Tennessee

Photographer: Janzen Velba

Age: 15

McDonald, Tennessee

October 2012

People to People:

Dale.Clark.old love

1st Place

Old Love

Photographer: Dale Clark

Fletcher Park

April 24, 2011


2nd Place

Unknown Soldier

Photographer: Donna Price

Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – The daily lives of these soldiers who are dedicated to guarding this tomb…regardless of the weather, holiday, or event in their life.

Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC

March 2010


3rd Place

Lil Helper

Photographer: Melissa Cockrell

Chattanooga, Tennessee


Faculty and Staff:


1st Place

Thai Children

Photographer: Priscilla Simms

Thai children playing at a market in Chiang, Mai Thailand.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

October 2012


2nd Place

A Different View from the Pier

Photographer: Jana Pankey

This photograph was taken after a long beach walk in South Carolina.  Many piers have been destroyed due to natural disasters, washing history away with the wood.  This pier seemed to be strong and defiant remaining a permanent fixture on the beachfront. 

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

July 2012


3rd Place

Morning Reflection

Photographer: Kim Wills

An old railroad bridge.

Hiawassee near Reliance, Tennessee

July 2012


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